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Please do not hesitate to inquire any types of inquiries.
We listen your needs & wants and do our best utilizing our skill and production background.
We will support you to fulfil your needs with our knowledge of our experts who’s been involved with Denim and non-denim production for many years.
Please inquire any questions and/or request using the form below.
We will send receipt confirmation automatically.
If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, please call us at phone number below.


Inquiries by phone or fax

  • TEL : +81-3-3405-5380
    Weekdays : 10am – 7pm
  • FAX: +81-3-3405-5390
    24 hours excluding Weekends & Holidays


Inquiries by e-mail

Please fill in the following format, press the button to the confirmation screen, check the contents, and transmit it.
We will automatically send you a reception e-mail。
If you cannot transmit the e-mail, please contact us by phone.
In the case of smartphones, e-mails may result in an error depending on the domain reception settings on the carrier side.
We recommend you to use a mail address of PC for the information in the form.


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