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Production / delivery flow

We’ve been doing various denim & non-denim full package productions as professional group.

Denim and non-denim production goes though different process.

Here, we explain process from order to delivery.


1.Project previous arrangement

We will prepare project previous arrangement for deciding the details with suggesting from fabrics based on about silhouette, sewing design, sense of processing, and etc. for desired product based on customer’s image (photo or targeted article or illustration). At the same time, sewing specification or accessories will be decided.

2.Sample creation

Based on the matters of previous arrangement, we would like to check a feeling of processing with the cloth which I formed into a cylindrical shape. At the same time, our pattern maker will make pattern and create sample. Of course, it is possible that you can bring your own pattern.
※In the case of without processing, there will not necessary to make cylinder. .
We will prepare fine adjustment for dimensions, silhouette,, processing feeling, and etc. with another arrangement with customer
We will prepare several times of sample creation in some case for approaching completion of product.,
In case of denim product, we will prepare processing after inspection, and measuring. Also, the sample after processing will be prepared inspection, and measuring again..(※1

3.Mass production arrangement/Final confirmation

Based on the previous arrangement in 1 and 2, we will prepare production schedule from the arrangement of the details about cost and the time of delivery.

4.Mass production/Delivery of goods

From shipment to delivery of goods after following checking procedure,
*To reflect the contents against pattern at final confirmation
*To make sewing specifications with performing reduction ratio and grading (※2
*To instruct our subcontract factory for inspection and measurement of sewing up products
In the case of denim, we will instruct processing factory to finish the products with processing after the sewing up(※3
After our checking inspection, measurement, and processing in each size, it will be moved to shipment and delivery of goods.



※1 :The measurement of both sewing up and after processing with confirming shrinkage of the cloth from sewn stretch and shrink or the difference from the sewing dimensions is important work for getting closer to desired size.

※2:Pattern of each size will be made with increasing precision from repeating ※1 , and blowing pattern from converting percentage of shrinkage. Fabrics without processing will proceed without the usage of reduction rate.
※3: It is possible to choose based on the request of various types of process such as used processing of vintage denim by hands or sustainable processing of laser or robot.

Please feel free to inquire about the details