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February 24, 2022


Our company believes that reducing cutting waste is a consideration for the natural environment and leads to product development that satisfies our customers.
At the time of the dough is cut at the factory, the amount of cutting waste generated is 15% to 20% of the used dough. Until now, there was no other use and continued to be incinerated, and petroleum fuel was used for industrial waste to increase carbon dioxide emissions.
We focused on the cutting waste that is incinerated, and now we have formed a partnership with Kurabo Industries and are working to reuse those cutting waste.
That is L∞PLUS.
This initiative can be reused as a fabric from collecting cutting waste from a company with which Kurabo Industries has a partnership, crush it once at the factory, twist it, and re-thread it.
In addition, the cutting waste generated when cutting from the fabric using this thread can be further reused by the above method. Thus, we can continue to use it repeatedly without waste, and it leads to sustainability.




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