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Organic Black Denim Jeans (Mens)

August 23, 2022

Denim pants using organic cotton version black denim, which is a particularly popular fabric among the fabrics handled by the Doors affiliated fabric shop.


Compared to indigo denim, it is difficult to get a processed look from black denim, but we have adjusted the finish to be comparable.


It is a product sample created with consideration for sustainability (SDGs) as a keyword, and by using buddy processing that decolorizes with laser processing and mist ozone in the processing process
We have adopted a new method to reduce the burden on the environment and workers involved in the work as much as possible.


There is an image that the processing of denim products is a big burden on the environment, but attempts to incorporate the latest technology and methods are progressing day by day.

In the background of Doors, we are able to manufacture environmentally friendly products upon request at our affiliated factories.


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